Get to know the way you drive

Roameeo is all about helping us all to get around better – and we are starting with cars.

We think that driving can be smarter – a lot smarter – when you use smartphones to get offers, rewards and insurance that is cheaper when you drive better.

Day or night. Drive happy.

But it doesn’t end there.

We will be asking our Roamers (that’s you) what they want to add – think speed zone changes, delays, petrol prices, great restaurants, insurance offers – who knows? Well you do!

That’s why we are going to let you tell us, so we can tell everybody.

Our goal is to help you drive better – less harsh accelerating, braking and cornering and alerts when you are getting close to school zones or places where it is best to slow down a bit.

Who we are

We are a diverse group with backgrounds in marketing, analytics, technical development, connectivity and product development.

We see a world where driving is safer, cheaper and more rewarding.

We think the time to do this is now.

Who you are

Where you come from could be anywhere but it’s where you are going to that makes the difference. You want to make sure that your good driving gets rewarded by lower costs and more benefits.

Like offers based on where you are and rewards based on how you got there, like a monthly insurance bill that is based on what you use (just like your mobile), like discounts from restaurants close to you.


Business these days is about collaboration – our ideas and innovations work better when we connect with people who share the vision.

If you are an automotive OEM supplier, auto club, telco, insurer, a car share, a ride share, peer-to-peer car business, a visionary startup or an established player in vehicle connectivity, feel free to contact us.

We think it’s easier to go faster together.

Work with us

We work with smart people from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Romania and the Czech Republic.

If you have some smart ideas in the area of how cars are used, drop us a line here.

Contact Details

Roameeo Pty Ltd
Suite 411, 282 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood NSW 2067